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15 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Some of these things, you may have briefly seen mentioned, or maybe hinted about, some of these things only people I am close to would know… so here we go! 15 things you don’t know about me!

1. I attended 2 years of college with Drawing as my major. Yep, drawing. I actually wanted to be an animator for Disney, and was friends with the late Pres Romanillos. I only quit college after my grades started to fail and the money disappeared. Around this time, I also fell in love with my husband, and will always blame him for quitting college…. 😉

2. I homeschooled my sons for several years. My older 2 boys started out in public school, but the school system at the time was experiencing some things that I didn’t want my kids to go through, so we pulled them, and I started to teach them from home! Last year we put the last one of my children in public school, and I am glad they had all of those years to gain maturity. Teachers always are thankful for my sons and I believe it was years of a solid foundation being homeschooled.

3. Less than a year ago, I was employed as secretary at my church. I did this for 2 and a half years. Before that I hadn’t worked since before my kids were born! I only quit when I started my business. I enjoyed the opportunity, and it was great to get back into a real job again.

4. I struggle with anxiety. It isn’t severe, and it’s not all of the time. I believe it stems from stomach issues that I have but I can maintain it pretty well. I do not take medication for it, because for the time being, I feel like I can handle it pretty well with breathing and prayer.

5. I’ve never smoked. As in cigarettes, or other things. Not sure why. I hung out with kids in college that did occasionally, but thankfully I never started that habit… I did however start to drink coffee (see #10). lol

6. I am a Christian! Yes! And if you aren’t and you are reading this, it’s ok! Don’t leave! 😉 I chose to be a Christian because I have seen God’s work so many times in my life that I cannot deny Him. It began when I was little, and went through something pretty bad that a little girl shouldn’t have to go through. Then continued on in my life when God protected me from things that I put myself in danger of.

I can now look back and know He was absolutely there, even though I had no idea at the time. Also, There is no judgement here on my blog if you do not know God. I’d still love to be friends, because in the end, we are all still people hopping, skipping, and tripping through this life together.

7. I was a drummer. Starting in middle school, I joined band. And chose percussion as my “instrument”. In high school and even college, I played drums of different sorts and even was in the marching bad (shoutout to marching bad nerds!!). Then when I was pregnant with my last son, I learned to play the drum set at my church so I could play with the worship team. Yep, I only wish I had a picture of me with my ginormous belly behind the drum set…

8. If I could live anywhere, it would be somewhere warm. Oh man… give me sunshine, give me palm trees. I’d rather be hot than cold. I always wanted to live in Florida. And if you read #1 above, you saw that I was on my way to be an animator for Disney. I just always thought I’d live in Florida or California! Then I married my husband, and maybe we will move after we retire…. PLEASE let it be somewhere WARM!!!!

9. I’m a girl that wants to spend money trapped inside a woman that is a cheapskate. For real. Anyone else? I want to just load up a Target or Amazon cart and BUY ALL THE STUFF. But I also know that it would absolutely make me sick to do that. So I control myself. Save up. Be responsible. And dream of filling up my Amazon cart…. 🙂

10. My top favorite food items are tacos, coffee and chocolate. If you want to make me happy, get me any of these items. Nuf said.

My Youngest when we lived on our mini farm

11. I’d live on a farm with lots of animals if my husband would allow it. I know this one seems completely random, if you don’t know me. Years ago, I actually had a blog that I documented our lives on a mini farm that we owned. We had all kinds of animals, had baby animals on the farm, and had deaths on the farm. It was a lot of work but I loved it. My husband, however, did not. Therefore, we do not live like that anymore… maybe someday I can convince him again…

12. I’d also have more kids if my husband allowed it. Let me explain the “if my husband allowed it” thing. So all of you don’t get concerned for my safety… lol. My husband would give me the world if he could BUT he is also VERY logical, very practical. I, on the other hand, just LOVE things like animals, babies, etc. If he gives me an inch, I might go 82 miles. So in having more kids, my husband is well aware that there is cost involved in having more children and has had to put his foot down on some things like this… Chocolate not the other hand, I can have as much as I want…. 😉

13. I started my business in hopes of helping my boys out with college. Last July, I quit my job as a secretary (see #3) to start my own business. I bought a computer, an iPad, some programs, and got to work. You can see what I sell on Etsy HERE and Amazon HERE. I opened my Etsy shop in September and my Amazon shop in January. I love drawing and creating for them.

In addition, I look forward to them taking off so I can help my boys go to college. My oldest could go in the fall but I believe he is going to work for a year, to keep out of debt. With smarts like that, I hope to be able to reward him with help!!!

14. I love going grocery shopping but hate to put the groceries away. I know, I know. Most people hate grocery shopping. The process of making a list, looking for good deals, and then bringing it home and having a full cupboard makes me happy! Now if I could trust my kids to keep cupboards organized, I’d just enslave them for a few minutes and make them put the groceries away. BUT I do it because I need organization. I need to be able to say, “it’s on the shelf that is was high as your shoulder. Its on the right side in a yellow container”… yep, I know. #controlissues

15. I’d live without technology if it were actually possible. This is probably another shocker for most people. But I would absolutely go without technology if it were acceptable to do. But having a business (all online), communication, etc it is impossible. I actually know a FEW people that still don’t have cell phones, but even they have computers.

BUT IF I COULD, I would give it all up. Live on a farm. Somewhere warm. And eat tacos.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!!! I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and got to learn a little more about me!

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  1. Loved spending my lunch getting to know you better! Maybe you can do a summer house swap with some ranch in Mexico!

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