Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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11 Minute Makeup- Mom Life

Some days you just don’t have time to get your makeup done, let alone walk out of the house with actual clothes on. But today I’ll show you how I do my makeup daily, and it only takes 11 minutes! Mom Life win!

I remember so many days that I would walk out of the house, babies in tow, and I would look like I just woke up and threw on clothes off of the floor, and hardly touched my face. No makeup. Mom life at it’s finest…

But today, after years of figuring out what works for me, I have a routine down that I can get done in 11 minutes (sometimes less if I hurry!)!

And the key to it all is finding your basics… the things that work best for you, your staples.

I have my staple items- my foundation that works best with my summer skin, my brow gel, colors that work best with my summer skin tone, etc.

So watch my 11 minute makeup (in fast forward), and at some point. I could probably show you in real-time as well, but wasn’t sure if that was boring or not…lol

Check out my 11 Minute Makeup- Mom life! 🙂

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