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1 Clothing Item, 5 Different Ways- Olive Khakis

If you have a minimalist or a capsule wardrobe, or just want to see how you can style 1 clothing item 5 different ways, stick around and see how I have styled my brand new Olive Khakis.

So just before Mother’s Day I decided to take the plunge and buy and clothing item that I have been wanting for a long time, olive khakis! So I went to our near by GAP factory outlet, and found a pair that is not only exactly what I wanted but incredibly comfortable! These are the Girlfriend Khakis.

By the way, this post is not sponsored by GAP, I just shop there occasionally and love their clothing. 🙂

I knew these olive khakis would fit right into my wardrobe, because it would coordinate with so many of the things I already own.

By the way, this is key if you want to try to start living more minimally. Don’t buy clothing items that you need to also buy more clothing times to go with. If it fits right in with things you already own, you are on the right track!

So here we go, let’s see how I styled 1 clothing item, 5 different ways!

This first look, I paired by olive khakis with a gray relaxed t-shirt. I have several gray shirts in different cuts. This particular tee is from Kohl’s , from their SO brand. I think I got it last fall? I also have a GAP one in a lighter gray with the same type of relaxed cut that goes well with this also.

In addition, I like the relaxed style and cut with these pants. It looks dressy but comfortable.

For this look, I paired a finely striped t-shirt with this. This came from Maurice’s but any striped tee will go well with this pant. I have several shirts with a blue stripe that I was going to pair with this for the picture but in the end just picked the most summer-like one that I own.

Tank tops and summer go hand in hand for me. Tank tops will go PERFECTLY with these cropped pants. You could probably wear an assortment of colors with this, as long as you keep them in the more muted side.

You could also really dress this look up with a pretty necklace as well.

Since high school, my tops have been tank tops and t-shirts. So naturally a t-shirt business would be my jam. I wear t-shirts like the ones I have created ALL THE TIME. This shirt, in fact was the FIRST one that I created and had made. And after washing it a ton, it is still in amazing shape. I just knew these pants would compliment my tees very easily. And I was right!

If you’d like to see this t-shirt in my Etsy store, check it out HERE. You can see all of the other ones that I carry as well.

I paired it with an old jean shirt that I also wear a lot. This poor shirt will have to be retired soon, but until then, I am going to wear her out!

I told you t-shirts were my thing… Here I took a more fitted tee in white and actually added a necklace. This was one reason I loved these pants, you can wear them with a tank top or a t-shirt and they can still look dressy. And those are the types of clothes I need in my life, versatile!

This is a GAP tee but any white t-shirt would do! Pick your favorite!

This was 1 items styled 5 ways, but there are so many more!

There were a few about 4 more shirts in my own wardrobe that I could have added to these, and that’s without even having all of my summer things out!

You could also chose another pair of pants. These are olive khaki but I also tried on a mint color, which I LOVED, and a pink pair, which also looked very nice. Then you could pair tons of different tops with those as well. As long as you keep with the same hue.

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed this post today on how I styled 1 clothing item 5 ways. I enjoy doing these because it makes me see how I can stretch my wardrobe and that I don’t need to buy more clothes!

Thank you all for stopping by today! I really do appreciate you! For more style posts, check them out below.

If you’d like to see what I am doing daily, check out my Instagram where I post almost daily!


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