Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Clean with Me! (Video!)

I have been sooooooo busy and distracted recently with a few changes around my household. But through the distractions, I still need to keep my house clean, especially because we have a few more people staying with us right now. I’m just OCD like that.

But done correctly, cleaning doesn’t have to be hours of work. Every night, I pick up the house before going to bed, so in the morning, the house is tidy. Then when I get home on Friday afternoon from work, I take about an hour and clean the house in preparation for the weekend. I like my weekend to be free… free to come and go without having to do laundry, clean up major messes, or if we want to invite someone over, we can with little stress.  In fact, we had last minute guests on Sunday and the only thing I really needed to worry about was the food. The rest took me about 15 minutes to pick up and a quick sweep.

In this video, I show you a time lapsed video of me cleaning my kitchen and living room. It seriously took me 15-ish minutes to sweep, dust, and pick up. I don’t love to clean, but I do love a clean home and my little tidying every evening, saves my LOTS of time later.

Check it out, and make sure to like the video!


Clean with Me!

Items I used to clean in this video:

Generic microfiber cloth

Norwex Window Cloth

Dr Bronners All Purpose Cleaner in lavender

Diffuser from Young Living with lemon and lavender essential oils

Thieves oil spray from Young Living


More information on Young Living Essential Oils HERE.

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